WordPress Training Course

WordPress is a great tool for your business

What’s the difference between a page or post? Quite simply, pages are usually static information pages – about us, contact us, services and products. While posts are like news articles which have dates, can be organised by date and have the latest news from your business.

SEO on Pages

If you have multiple authors on your website who have not received proper training on SEO then you could be wasting your time creating pages or articles.

Adding Plugins

If you have administrative access to your website then it’s easy to add new plugins. Some advice on plugins is included in the course.

Customise the Styling on a Website

Need advice on styling different parts of your site or even just a page or post? I can show you how to do it.

Need to get trained up? Simply call 073 070 73 47.

Time / Cost of Course

The course takes approximately 4 hours and costs 2500kr plus moms.

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