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Over the years Webbhotell services have expanded to offer more and more services to their users. Many oversell products which are not required by small businesses. An example is with one.com – who provide masses of extra webspace which is totally over-the-top for most businesses. However, they will charge you for this nonetheless.

The 5 Most Important Services for Webbhotells

  • Security – Has to be the no.1 service provided. If your website is not secure then you are taking a risk of being hacked. Or, if your customers contact you with an online form – their information and details are at risk!
  • Uptime –   When a website is down, who is to blame? Well, most of the time it’s the Webbhotell services. This affects your business because nobody can get to your website. If this is a regular occurence then it could affect your search rankings in Google.
  • Backup –  Some companies like one.com offer an additional backup service. How often do you think business owners backup their site? Probably a very small percentage – Imagine a blog that has to be reset to day 1 over a period of a year. All the work just gone!
  • Caching and Performance – When a website delivers a lot of media-rich content – large images, movies etc and relies on many plugins to deliver website content the speed of the site increases dramatically. Webbhotells do not offer this service and it is up to the web designer to implement these services.
  • Knowledge – Webbhotell’s should understand at least the basics for hosting WordPress websites.

Who Do I Recommend?

Well, I can highly recommend one company who take care of all of the above – SuperHighway. Why? well because it is a company that I am involved with and know exactly what any business who has a website really needs to have.

SuperHighway Webbhotell Services

  • Security certificate with every customer – (https) – Not only does it increase security against hackers but also for your customers. Plus, you will see your rankings in Google improving since Google rewards secure websites.
  • Stable and Always Online – Running on Amazon AWS.
  • Automatic Backup of your site every 24 hours.
  • Performance – Superhighway optimise every website for speed and ensure the delivery of content is the best it can be by utilising Cache performance and finding out what can be improved.
  • Expert Knowledge and Customisations for WordPress. Not many Webbhotell companies provide any service at all for customisations of your site – But, I’m happy to say this company does!
  • Price – I think you’ll be surprised to find out how low the prices are for hosting and WordPress updates.

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