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There are 2 main elements to creating a new website – design and development. I will write briefly the process that is undertaken by WEBBTRANSFORMER when a new website is under development.

Gathering Intel

Web design can only begin after gathering as much information about a business as possible. In a lot of cases, the information is incomplete since business owners are too busy to write it all down. However, the first process is to present a layout of the business structure and how it can be created online by a simple word or pdf document. At this point, the client can add / delete or change the content before the work begins.

Design Elements and First Draft

Now we are ready to start designing the elements of how the information will be presented. This can usually coincide with existing company profiles or newly created ones. Fonts, colours and branding. The first draft of a design will usually be created within Photoshop. This allows different elements to be layered and moved around easily. We can now publish a pdf and the client can see how their site will look online – but of course without the functionality. After this has been accepted or changed etc the development of the website can start.

Layout of Menu and Content

Next, the layout of the menu structure and content can be created – this carries on where the first draft ended. Creating a basic structure of the website allows navigation between each page to be connected up. At this point the structure of the website can begin to work functionally. Now, we can start to build from the blueprint design – adding and styling elements as we continue to polish off the finished site.

An Interesting Note About Styling

It’s easy to style elements on a website and you might be surprised to know that 1 document can be used to style the entire website. This is an excellent way to create a website since we can make global changes within a second on hundreds of pages. Imagine if we had styled those pages individually!!!

Media Content

Very few companies have good media content unless they have paid for it professionally. However, there are loads of good photographic websites which have commercially available photos and movies to buy at a reasonable price. Having a good company movie on your site is always recommended – It’s about your company and your products and services.

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