SEO Training Course in Luleå

Search Engine Optimisation

Organic Search ResultsGoogle provides natural and paid results when you search for a word or phrase. All paid ads will have an ad button next to their add title and description – that’s how you know it’s an ad!

Underneath the ads will be organic listings. Those are the pages which Google’s search algorithm presents to you as the most ‘relevant’ pages. Pages which appear on the first page of Google search results get more traffic than other pages – fact. But, how did they get there? Well, some pages get there naturally, others are optimised pages.

Content is King

Websites with large amounts of content in the form of text and additional media will succeed better in the organic results than pages with few words. More and more companies are paying to have their websites optimised because it can save them paying for ads to be on page 1 for certain search terms. This makes total sense! With little investment at the start, and even some training, companies can receive much higher amounts of ‘quality’ traffic directly to their online business.

When I mention quality traffic – I mean, relevant to your business. For example, if I sell shoes then I expect visitors who have discovered my website to be looking to buy shoes, not a car.

Search Engine Optimisation is one way of increasing traffic to your website pages. Other ways might include Social Media, blogging or even paying for ads. Google ads are actually pretty good and allow businesses to directly market themselves at the top of the page in an instant!

Training for SEO Luleå – 4 Hour Course

If you need training on how to optimise your online website or would even like to have some optimisation carried out on your website – please call me on 073 070 73 47.

Webbtransformer is based in Luleå, Norrbotten.

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