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The web agency should be a catalyst for creating business opportunities!

Web design is a large part of what a web agency will do. Apart from collecting all the information from the client, there are many decisions to be made before the actual layout and design of a website is created.

Keyword Research Lays the Foundation for Content

One of the most important factors for a company’s website is to be found in the search engines. This is a factor which is overlooked by most web design companies.

What is the point in having a pretty website if nobody can find you!

Webbtransformer studies your business, researches your products and services online and keeps a close eye on your competitors. Keyword research is used to align the content of your site to the most popular searches for your products or services. Keyword research allows the content of your pages to be rewritten to bring in maximum quality traffic.

The result is to bring customers directly to the page that they are searching for. Often this is not the home page – that’s fine. Clear navigation will allow your visitors to easily find the information they need to either contact you or purchase from you.

Webbtranformer’s Rocket Media Package

Webbtransformer has created a rocket media package which runs from a minimum of 3 months, 6 months or continuously. Our media package ensures that your online presence grows exponentially.
Weekly activity for rocket media will consist of the following:

  • News articles with links to help improve your search ranking.
  • Social Media updates including Facebook, Twitter etc to keep the momentum of current events.
  • Press releases – announcing future events and providing a running commentary on the progress of services, products and news.
  • Local, national or international SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your online presence – continually pushing your content above your competitors and into the eyes of your customers!

The Results…

Businesses who care and keep in touch with their customers on a regular basis are on top of their professional game. Customers who value your reputation will always come back for more. And, potential new customers will assess and compare you online to your competitors.

Get it right from the start!

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