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Keywords Within Your Page Content from SEO Konsult Expert Andy Montgomery

Andy MontgomeryI always try to explain the importance of writing content to my clients. When you include the keywords that are used to find your product or service – then you massively increase the chance of being found in the search engines. How do you know which keywords to use in your content…Read the Case Study below – But first, read this…

Andy’s Fishing Boat Concept

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I love this simple concept and created it years back to explain the theory of content to my colleagues and clients. Let’s compare a fishing net to the text content of your page…The bigger the net, the more chance you have of catching more fish. So, create plenty of content and spend some time creating an interesting article or description which increases the chance of including relevant keywords related to your page. A decent article of at least 500 words may take a little time to create but the long-term value of your content will bring in much more traffic – daily. Sending out your fishing boat continously with a small net will harbour a little catch, or maybe you’ll just stay hungry!

Localised Content

If your company relies on local business then make sure that your text content includes your location.

Don’t be afraid to add links from your content out of your site to other local businesses – Providing you are not sending your customers to your competitors – this added help or value provides more entertwined local information and increases your local network. Exchange links with local businesses to further localise your business. If your customers are local they may find you through a completely different resource from a local referring link.

Case Study

Let’s assume you have started a new business as an independent SEO Konsult working in Sweden. First, we can analyze your competitors from Google Search.

  • Keyword to search for: SEO Konsult
  • Geographical Target Market: The Whole of Sweden
  • Language searched in: Swedish
  • How many current paid advertisers for this search term: 6
  • From the results of searching Google on page 1 for the term ‘SEO Konsult’ – How many websites include the search term in their page title? 7/10.
  • How many websites include the words SEO Konsult in the description of the results (Just below the title) – 5/10.

Now, we are building up a picture of our immediate competitors and how well they have included the essential keyphrase in their page title and description. We haven’t even looked at the content yet but let’s look at some fundamental essential SEO optimization that should have been taken care of.

Page Title

Always include your target keywords in your page title (no more than 60 characters). This will be the maximum length in Google’s page listings.
Always include the keywords in your description (up to 160 characters).

Moving onto the juice and body of your page content – Let’s at least get a couple of phrases of SEO Konsult in there – but not too many!

The Heading Tag:

If you are not familiar with HTML then you may have seen Heading 1 instead when you have edited your website in WordPress or other content management system. Heading 1 is usually used to describe the main body of your content. In our case, we can write SEO Konsult – highlight it then select Heading 1.
Out of the ten results in Google for this search term – How many of those used Heading 1? 6/10. Almost half! Quite amazing actually since they are SEO experts.

This is a small analysis of competitors and there is an abundance of other info that you can learn about your competitors.

Now, please read the following:

Keyword Stuffing is Punishable

When an article contains more than a fair share of keywords, repeated again and again then this would be classed as ‘keyword stuffing’. The perception behind keyword stuffing is to lace your article in the hope that it will be indexed higher in the search results and rankings. However, there is a large danger in this practice which can have a negative impact on your page and business – You could be penalised from Google! It’s not a human that penalises it’s Googlebot, or Google’s clever algorithm which works out if you have been keyword stuffing or trying to falsely manipulate the search results.

Quality Always Wins

Companies and individuals who create interesting content plus ‘regular’ content provide a valuable source of interest to readers who will return or spend more time on their site. A site that is ‘sticky’ provides an essential pathway to connecting with customers.


I provide SEO Konsult services to companies in Sweden. If you are trying to reach your customers organically and would like a consultation to improve your traffic please call me on 073 070 73 47.

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