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Web design companies focus on a look and a fast turnaround time to maximise their profit and setup the next job. Although, an eye-catching website is an attractive proposal for most businesses, it’s simply not enough to ensure that they will be found organically in the search engines or increase their leads or sales revenue.

This means that the website owner will be left to advertise their site heavily through paid search services like Google Ads. This could actually cost 1000’s of Kronas per month! However, paid advertising can be wholly profitable providing the Ads are attractive, do what they say they do and lead the customer directly to the carrot. Did you know that 2-5% of your clicks may turn into actual transactions + not a lot. But, if you are selling an item which has 1000’s of Kronas profit then of course, it’s worth it.

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But, let’s look at organic search – What does it actually mean? Organic search is when someone searches using search engine and views the results which naturally fall into the results, just below the ads. Those pages have been ‘ranked’ by the search engines and did not pay to be there. When an organic result lands on page 1 of Google for example, then the website will receive quality ‘FREE’ traffic, simply because their page is viewable on page 1. Anything after page 1 of the results is far less likely to receive clicks or much traffic at all. That is why it’s important to get your pages as primed as possible to attract natural targetted-traffic.

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