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Social Media

Keep your site fresh with the latest posts from your favourite Social Media site and display your feed on your website.

HD Video Presentations

Want to make a real impression? Think about reaching your customers with an HD Quality movie that clearly defines your company.

Mobile, Tablet, Computer Compatibility

All website designs created by Webbtransformer are completely responsive to mobile, tablet and all computer screen sizes. Webpage performance is optimised for maximum speed.

You won’t lose visitors and gain in organic traffic from search engine optimisation.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the definition of researching the most popular keywords to find your products or services. I carry out this research before any page content is created – Research is based on factual searches per month over a set period.  Clearly discovering what your visitors are searching for defines your page content for quality targetted traffic.

Site Backup and Security

Webbtransformer can make a backup of your site at the start of each month. If you are adding content, posts, images or new articles it’s important to backup your work.

Backup your site! Your content is valuable.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Collect and integrate your customer emails into categories and send out personalised emails automatically. Save hours of work!

Completely automate the process of email marketing campaigns for maximum effect.

Check Your Website

Are You Mobile Friendly?

Google Mobile FriendlyMobile Search

Google recently improved their search algorithm to favour mobile-friendly sites for mobile surfers. This means that Google will raise the rankings of those sites in the search results.

So, if you’re website is not mobile-friendly – you could be losing out to your competitors.

Here’s a link to check out your website: Mobile-Friendly Test

Website Speed Test

Is your home page heavy? 

Measure Site Speed A not so common fact –  slow sites lose visitors. Folk simply don’t have the patience to wait for your site if it is ‘heavy’ with graphics or endlessly trying to load code.

Googlebot – (Googles Spider robot) which indexes pages automatically will analyse your site speed, usability, code and award it or punish it accordingly.

Here are a couple of great tools which can analyze your site and make recommendations to help you improve page load time!



Shopping Carts

There’s nothing more satisfying than waking up in the morning with orders waiting in your email inbox!

When a customer orders from your webshop they are giving you their trust by entering their personal details and credit card information. Their email address becomes your commodity and has real ‘value’.

This is why it’s important to email your customers on a regular basis about important offers, discounts for loyalty and new products and services.

Shopping carts setup by Webbtransformer allow customer emails to be filtered into email campaigns. Automatic campaigns can send out personalised emails with offers relating to the products or services they have already purchased. For instance, a customer buys a shirt – Let’s send them an offer for a tie as well!



Have you ever received a reminder from an online store to complete your order?

This is actually an automated plugin that is very easy to setup on your shopping cart and functions like this:

  • Shopper adds items to cart and fills out their personal details
  • Shopper is distracted and does not complete order
  • Shopping cart waits for a certain time – usually within 24 hours and sends out a reminder to the shopper.
  • Shopper receives email and proceeds to the checkout to complete their order!

This is referred to as ‘Shopping Cart Abandonment’ and the percentage of shoppers abandoning their purchase is between 59-80%.

So, let’s send out a little reminder!

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